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Dry Room Selection Procedure

Please complete this form and click the Submit button to send

Control Level Desired: ºF. Temp.
  ºF Dewpoint or
  gr/lb. or
  % R.H. or
  ppm (v)
Dry Room & Mechanical Room can be adjacent. Yes No
If no - mechanical system must be skidded and
Dry room dimensions L x W x H
Mechanical room space available L x W x H
People (max) in dry room when it is in operation      
Space available for airlock L x W x H
Power source available V Phase Hz
Dehumidifier Reactivation Source Electric
Controls Desired Temp & RH Recorder Yes No


Hi/Low Temp & RH Alarm Yes No


Digital Dewpoint Sensor Yes No
Optional DDC Controls with Touchscreen and Modem Access: Yes No
Floor to Ceiling Joist Available Height: Ft
Hood exhaust out of dry room Yes No
If yes, exhaust CFM
Sensible Heat Load: BTUH
Refrigeration Condensing System:
  Air Cooled Location preferred
  Water Cooled Location preferred *
  Chilled Water Location preferred **

* New or Existing System ** New or Existing System

Name: E-Mail:
Address: State:
City: Zip:
Phone: Fax: