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Kopin Corporation Case Study

Kopin Corporation
Taunton, Massachusetts
4000 Square Feet Class 100 – 1,000 – 10,000

The client operates in a leased structure where no equipment can be installed on the roof. There is limited floor space for mechanical equipment and the total slab to steel dimension is 16 feet, where most clean rooms of this class require a clear height in excess of 20 feet. A competitor failed to produce a design that could be built within budget.

Harris took full responsibility for design and construction, and included a one-year parts and labor performance guarantee for temperature, humidity and particulate. The rooms have continually met and surpassed specifications since completion in January 1986.

The project was designed and built on time and on budget – and the mechanical system incorporates design features that save the client tens of thousands of dollars per year.

Low Electrical Demand Charges
A gas-fired rather than electric boiler provides humidification. It costs less to operate, eliminated the need for a second electrical feed to the building and minimizes costly peak electrical demand charges.

Free Support Space Air Conditioning
Clean room makeup air is distributed to work areas around the room before entering the clean room air systems. This reduced the first cost of the building air conditioning system, provides employees with large quantities of healthy fresh air and reduces the operating cost of the facility as a whole.

Free Reheat and Low-cost Cooling
Condenser reheat coils are used for final temperature conditioning, making productive use of waste heat and improving refrigeration efficiency.

Low Operating Cost for Evenings and Weekends
Since the clean room is occupied only one shift, the mechanical systems operate at full capacity for only 24% of the year. Without effective capacity modulation, the mechanical systems operate at full capacity for 24% of the year. Without effective capacity modulation, the mechanical equipment would waste energy 76% of the year.

Unlike the competition, the Harris mechanical system includes two-speed fans, two stages of compressor unloading and hot-gas bypass to achieve full energy reduction during non-operational hours – saving the client thousands of dollars every year.

Harris Provided a Certified, Turnkey Installation which included:

Design and Construction